Community Prevention & Treatment Services, Inc.
Established in April 2009, Community Prevention & Treatment Services, Inc. (CPTS) is
dedicated to providing treatment and prevention services for consumers in Hillsdale
County, Michigan and surrounding areas.  Through our transitional housing program,
Hope House, we assist addicts and alcoholics, including those with a co-ocurring mental
health disorders, in achieving long term recovery through a highly structured, holistic
approach that is heavily based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.  

Hillsdale County's average rate of alcohol involved traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths
exceeds Michigan averages, according to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety
Planning.  Hillsdale County also has higher than average underage binge drinking rates, as
well as the highest rate for the seizure of methamphetamine laboratories.  

To combat these major alcohol and drug issues, CPTS along with the Hillsdale County
Human Service Network, and the Hillsdale County Substance Abuse Prevention
Coalition,  is developing evidence based, age appropriate, alcohol and drug prevention
strategies and activities for children, adolescents, and adults.  
Community Prevention & Treatment Services, Inc.